Street Signs, Stop sign, parking sign, no u-turn, one way, walking sign, speed limit sign, Fabric Wall Decal
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Street Sign Set-01

$ 55.99 USD

Includes: 9-Pc. Fabric Wall Decals. Bring home these amazing colorful street signs and add a pop of color to any room for the young and old alike. See product details below.


What's Included (W x H)

(1) Walking Sign- 13.5" x 13.5" inches

(1) Traffic Light Sign- 14.4" x 14.4" inches

(1) Stop Sign- 11.75" x 11.75" inches

(1) Parking Sign- 9.75" x 9.75" inches

(1) No Parking Sign- 10" x 12.5" inches

(1) Do Not Enter Sign- 10" x 10" inches

(1) Speed Limit 65 Sign- 10" x 12.25" inches

(1) One Way Sign- 11.5" x 3.93" inches

(1) No U-Turn Sign- 10" x 9.94" inches

Wall adventure fabric decals are non-toxic, PVC free, more durable than vinyl with a water-base adhesive. Just peel and stick, no tools needed. Easily re-position and re-use without damaging or leaving residue to your walls, making them perfect for permanent or temporary decoration. Can be applied to any smooth and slightly textured surface. Including glass, tiles and more.