Cleaning wall before applying fabric wall decal  - Wall Adventure

Wall Adventure decals are super easy to install and can be applied in just minutes. First, plan where you’ll put the design. Ensure that the chosen area of your wall is dry, clean and completely dust free. Clean with a lint cloth for best result.

Wall Adventure decals can be applied to any smooth and slightly textured surface. Including glass, tile, windows and more. Do not apply to porous, ash, broken or uneven surface walls.

Paint time required - installing fabric wall decal - Wall Adventure

For newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days for the paint to cure and outgas to prevent bubbling. Applying your decal to a newly painted surface that is not primed and completely dry will weaken the quality of the adhesive making the decal not stick properly.

Peel and Stick  - installing fabric wall decal  - Wall Adventure

Applying your decal is meant to be simple. Always remember, just peel and stick! Carefully remove the sticker from its backing. Loosely position the design where you want it. Using gentle but firm pressure, start from one end and smooth the decal out while working your way to the other end.

Help Installing Large Size Fabric Wall Decal  - Wall Adventure

For the larger size decals we advise asking a friend or two to help with alignment and installation. Be mindful of any delicate areas (Any part that protrude from the sum part to avoid any snag while peeling the decal)

However, the job can be done alone. Start by peeling 4 inches of the liner off the graphic and place on to the wall. Continue to peel back 4 inches of the liner incrementally while mounting.

Easily reposition many times over for desired placement and look without leaving any residue on the wall.

Remove and Reposition Fabric Wall Decal  - Wall Adventure

To move the decal, carefully peel off an edge and completely remove from the wall to reposition to a different clean surface. If the decal folds in and sticks to itself simply pull the edges apart taking care to be gentle in the more delicate areas.

Storing Fabric Wall Decal  - Wall Adventure

To save or store your decals for future use, please return it to its original wax-coated backing paper. Keep the adhesive side free of debris and dust for best results.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. There is nothing more rewarding for us than to read the feedback from our customers.